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Access VBA Projects



  1. Microsoft Access (All Versions)

Deep expertise on All Objects of MS Access (SQL Queries, Views Macros, VBA Modules, Forms, Tables, Reporting)

  1. VBA
  2. SQL Server
  3. Microsoft Excel (All Versions)


Work History

100+ Projects


Types of Projects We have done


  1. Build complete Application for Doctor’s Office management

A comprehensive Patient and Doctor database application to centralize all records and manage Doctors’ appointments, billing, payments, records, and centralize detailed reporting with auto generated PDFs.  Built a point and click menu driven system.

  1. Design and Upgrade/Migration

Complete design of MS Access database from start to finish along with upgrade to newer versions from 1997 onwards all the way to 2016.  Migration from excel or other sources as well as migration from Access to MS SQL or MySQL.

  1. Task Management System

Tasks Add/Edit Delete, Tasks Calendar, Task Conversation, User Login, and Task Sorting, Filtering and Reporting as per Need.


  1. Contacts Management System

Add/Edit/Delete Contacts, User Management and Rights, Filtering Sorting and Reporting


  1. Project Management System

Project Management, Project Tasks, Project Conversation, Project Assignments, Project Users, User Rights, Filtering Sorting and Reporting


  1. Accounts Management

Chart of Accounts, Genera Journal, Balance Sheets, and Accounts Based on Categories and Types, Attachments, Budget, User Login, User Rights, Sorting, Filtering and Reporting.


  1. Stock/Inventory Maintenance

List of Items, Inventory, Items Demand, Inventory in Hand, User Management, Sorting, Filtering and Reporting


  1. Vehicle Registration System

Vehicle Registration with Vehicle No, License No, Issuing Authority, Owner Info, User Login, User Management, Sorting, Filtering and Reporting.


  1. Auto Maintenance System

Auto Vehicle Registration, Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance Due, Maintenance Type, User Login, Sorting, Filtering, Reporting.


  1. School/College Management

Student/Teacher/Employee Registration, Attendance System, Assets Management, Monthly Testing Reports, Fees Management, User Management, Sorting, Filter and Reporting.


  1. Hospital Management

Patient Registration, Medicine Inventory, Assets Management, Employee Enrolment, User Management, Sorting, Filtering, Reporting


  1. User Management System

Add/Edit/Delete Users, User Level, User Rights and Reporting


  1. Student Management

Student Registration, Student Attendance, Fees Management, Testing Reports, Semester Details, Sorting, Filtering and Reporting.


  1. Library Management System

Books Registration, Reader Registration, Books Issuance and Receiving, Books catalogue, Sorting, Filter and Reporting.


  1. Charity Management System

Charity/Donor/Dependent/Carer/Employee Management, Activity Management, Donations, Appeals, Rewards, User Management, Rights Management, Sorting, Filtering and Reporting.


  1. Store Management

Items List, Sales Men catalogue, Item Inventory, Sales, Sales Return, Claims, Accounts Management, Sorting, Filter and Reporting.

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