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Access to Advanced Analytics expertise and technology to fit your needs

When new advanced analytics opportunities arise, it’s not uncommon to find that your in-house team lacks the time or specific skills required. You need quick access to analytics capabilities to do some data mining or to develop a proof of concept for a new application. Or a new opportunity might come up that requires specialized skills beyond your in-house expertise. Our Flexible Analytics Resourcing program is designed to support you through these types of situations and more, providing the right resources just when you need them, so you can be confident in your ability to address any new analytic challenges you might run into over the short run.

Address your unanticipated or specialized business analytics needs

Adaptive Analytics Resourcing is an annual contract program with predefined minimum and maximum spending levels, designed to give you the agility to meet important organizational objectives like these:

  • Build momentum behind a new analytical initiative that is expected to drive significant profit improvement.
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions and corporate priorities without disrupting progress on existing project and profit commitments.
  • Expand your analytic capabilities into new areas that could give you a competitive advantage.
  • Prove the potential of a commercial analytic software offering – using your own data – before committing to a purchase


Why choose Analytics Led Intelligence?

  • Adaptive problem-solving and project size: When you bring us a new problem, our experienced analytics managers will help you to frame the opportunity, recommend an analytic approach, and specify the required resources. The solution might involve one person for a few days or a team of people for multiple weeks. You can spread your budgeted resources across as many projects as you wish.
  • Adaptive skill sets: We draw from a large pool of talent (from 20-year veterans to lower-cost grad students) to bring you the right experts with the necessary depth of specialized knowledge for each project, aided by our relationships with Universities  which have highly-ranked graduate programs in statistics and analytics.
  • Adaptive technology toolbox: Our Analytics Lab is equipped with a wide range of specialized software and powerful hardware which we can use to perform one-off studies for you or to run proof-of-concept analyses on your own data to demonstrate the value of new software prior to purchase. We are software and platform agnostic.
How we assist:
  • Strategic analytics advice
  • Project leader
  • Statistical methods consultant
  • Analytic application developer
  • Data wrangler
  • Hands-on analyst
  • Software and Platform adviser


What the service includes

  • Experienced leadership to frame the problem and assess needs: When you bring us a new issue, we start by making sure the problem and desired outcome are clearly defined. We take the time to understand your business dynamics and the decisions you need to make, so that we can frame the problem to be solved in a business context first, and then in terms of specific data requirements and analytic techniques. We may even suggest that we do a few days of exploratory work with your data first, after which we can make better recommendations.
  • Adaptable and specialized analytic expertise: We don’t require you to specify upfront what skills you’re going to need, and we don’t limit you to specific named individuals for the term of the contract. Instead, we work with you to assemble a cost-effective team of analysts with the right skills and experience for each unique situation, whether those come from your organization, ours, or both.
  • Extensive technology toolbox: Our Analytics Lab, houses a comprehensive suite of analysis tools for demos, proof of concept, and application development (partial list): − SAS – all core analytical and data visualization tools – Qlik – tableau – SSRS – SPSS − R – Python − Java − Hadoop clusters / MapReduce/Claudera − HTML/Java/Shiny visualization − Cloud computing (e.g., Azure)

Solution outcomes and benefits

  • Get solutions to business analytics problems that exceed your internal capacity, expertise, and/or technology.
  • Respond more easily to new opportunities, particularly when specialized expertise or tools are needed.
  • Increase short-term capacity to meet changes in demand.
  • Build momentum behind a new analytical initiative, by adding short-term resources to the effort.
  • Test new ideas or examine the possibilities of a new data source in a relatively low-risk manner, without committing to a full-on solution and without disrupting progress on your ongoing projects.
  • Working together on an ongoing basis has multiple benefits for you. − We’ll have a better understanding of your business and your data, reducing the time from question to answer. − We can do small exploratory projects (less than a week of work). − We can contribute toward your long-term analytics goals.
  • Save time and be lean and nimble with a simplified resourcing contract.
  • Tap into additional resources in the cloud


Skills we offer:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Machine learning
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization
  • Simulation
  • Visualization
  • Develop analytic applications and interfaces for business users

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