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ALI Parole Analytics Tool

Parole Boards

Within the Criminal Justice System the Parole Board is responsible for deciding whether to release an inmate on parole or deny the application.  The Prole Board analyzes an inmate’s application and behavior history, and other variables to make their parole decision.  A predictive model such as logistic regression using demographic, psycho-graphic assessment, historical behavioral, and other determinants can be very helpful to a parole board in this determination by providing a propensity to recommit score.

ALI Parole Violation Predicting Tool

ALI employs validated parole risk assessments models such as the Ohio Risk Assessment model or the University of Chicago Parole Risk Assessment Models to reduce the chances of recidivism of Parolees and the reduction of overcrowding in the nations prisons.  ALI can enhance these models with additional Dynamic assessment tools and interviews that a correctional department or District Attorney’s office may choose to implement in order to enhance the efficacy of the ALI Parole Analytics Modeling Tool in how it is implemented and deployed in the frontlines for daily operations.  By augmenting the Ohio or Chicago Risk Assessment Models with additional dynamic assessments ALI can increase the predictive accuracy of the Tool and increase the probability of a successful outcome for the department’s programs.

ALI Law Enforcement Analytics

The challenge for law enforcement is to keep the public safe in the face of limited resources and budgets and higher service demand with a deluge of new data available to sift through to make better decisions.  Public safety officials must deploy new tools and approaches to make the most from all the data resources available to them.  The enormous task of gathering, interpreting, and providing appropriate, timely, and actionable insights to people at different levels of the organization in a readily usable format to make data driven decision is a daunting task that can be improved upon using ALI services. ALI Law Enforcement Analytics integrates data from a wide variety of internal criminal justice systems, such as JMS, CAD, RMS, and more using our standardized adaptors to facilitate seamless integration.  The integrated cloud or on premise system enables the right predefined access management system to provide clear actionable dashboards, analytics, reports, interactive maps, and alerts with secure sign ins.

ALI Law Enforcement Analytics solutions using off the shelf visualization and analytics solutions such as Qlikview, Tableau, and Power BI along with R and Python based analytics and data mining tools to enhance their capabilities with machine learning and predictive analytics.  ALI customized solution provides public safety agencies the ability to access, analyze, and comprehend their data and disseminate insights across the organization effortlessly.  ALI Law Enforcement tool incorporates key performance indicators (KPIs), command dashboards, interactive maps, advanced reporting, predictive modeling, social media integration, data drill down and mining, enterprise search, and alerting capabilities.

The Analytics Led Intelligence Law Enforcement data framework enables the agency to utilize a preemptive and predictive approach to intelligence led policing in their approach to crime fighting and enhancing security and safety of the public and uplifting the quality of life for the entire community.

The ALI Law Enforcement Dashboard for Analytics and Management allow the users to:

  • Quickly Spot trends
  • Identify repeat and/or potential offenders
  • Locate potential hot spots for preemptive policing
  • Create instant reports anywhere from the office or in the field
  • Access Social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter instantly for breaking information
  • Search and extract data from all agency resources

ALI LE solution provides Dashboards and Strategic Analytical Reports, and KPIs that are managed and created with the input of the Law Enforcement agency staff and leadership to give them the analytics they needs at different levels of the organization that are relevant to what they are doing.  They are customizable and layered and web enabled and designed to enhance incident reports and force deployment.   The insights and data displayed on the dashboards is extracted from data sources available from all areas of the agency.  An executive level dashboard enables authorized users to monitor crime and other resource and response metrics in real time.  Activity can be displayed and monitored by geographical area and/or analyzed by incident type.  The departments’ personnel can easily identify and track trends, patterns, and find high incident locations on maps interactively.

The ALI LE analytic reports can enable users to view precinct level summaries and officer level acitivty, workload, response times, and incident types.  Investigators and command staff can view aggregated results at precinct as well as geographic levels.  They can setup real-time alerts using emal or text messages to be sent to any secure device including a smartphone and/or mobile data terminal in a squad car or handheld device when a trigger event occurs or certain threshold levels are reached.

The ALI LE tool makes interactive mapping easy so investigators can view locations of incidents on a map and better understand the criminal activity and the response of law enforcement.  Agencies can make more informed tactical decisions and effectively deploy officers when and where are will be most effective in deterring crime and efficiently responding to incidents as all levels of the agency staff are able to view on the maps when, where, and what type of incidents are occurring in real time as well as past history.  Reports can also be extracted and depicted on the maps in table form as desired as well as reports and data can be downloaded and reported in spreadsheets and tables

The ALI AE gives real time ability to access information from diverse data resources available to law enforcement enables agencies to:

  • Better manage resources and force deployments
  • Track goals and metric for crime reduction and other performance measures
  • Improve community and officer safety
  • Improve department and agency wide transparency and accountability

The ALI LE integrates a powerful Predictive Analytics and Data Mining tool using R Machine Learning and powerful predictive modeling capabilities that are incorporated in the Visualization tool of choice (Qlikview, Tableau, Power BI, or RShiny).   Our innovative analytic solution enables an agency to deploy predictive policing rather than continuing with a traditional reactive mode of policing.   ALI LE can incorporate historical incident and arrest data with other city events, weather, and other activities alongside RMS/CAD events.  The application of data mining and predictive analytics capabilities to the combined and correlated data an agency can develop models to predict the probability of an incident occurring at a particular place on a certain date during a certain time slot.

Using the ALI LE tool agencies can analyze criminal offender databases and identify correlations between similar types of activities thus enabling law enforcement personnel to take action to present crime before it occurs deploying pre-crime preventative policing strategies to build safer communities.  With predictive analytics department can:


  • Create Real-time analysis and visualization with sophisticated graphics
  • Identify the most likely criminals with the greatest propensity to repeat specific crimes in particular areas
  • Predict the chances that a particular crime may result alongside certain other factors such as and event or weather episodes, with a greater likelihood in a typical geographical zone, on certain dates, and specific shifts
  • Deep dive into criminal offender databases to identify and correlation similar types of crime
  • Speeding up the criminal investigation process with fast review of large data sets to gleam insights and quickly find leads to advance investigations
  • Quickly find suspicious activity and patterns

The ALI predictive mapping capability highlights the power of predicting future criminal activity so agencies can take action to prevent crime from occurring by observing the impact of changing weather patterns alongside other events and past incident and call for service data.

ALI predictive modeling can be used to predict the highest probability beats for auto theft or other types of crime. It considers the current weather conditions, date, time, day-of-week and prior crime incidents to develop the incident probabilities by type.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise wide search put all the information accessible to an agency at the finger-tips of its analysts and investigators to quickly search across the full array of agency data resources, along with the social media capabilities without having go to other tools to search through different sources and department databases, thus they do not have to know exactly where the information is residing.  This enables investigators to find relevant information without having to sift through disparate data systems. Users are able to perform simple natural language keyword searches across structured and unstructured data – such a free-form narrative fields search in incident reports simplifies and speeds up search for critical information in timely fashion to aid investigations in locating information quickly and finding obscure relationships.

The social media and analytics integration allow agency personnel to piece together pieces to a missing puzzle or crack hard to solve cases or find links to criminal associations and new emerging threats before they may occur by monitoring communications to fend off flash mobs.  ALI LE tool offers agents the ability to uncover information and harvest incriminating information from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Google+, and others.  Using social media analysis tools such as shares, likes, tweets, recommendation, content analysis, linkage analysis, network and graph analysis, text and sentiment analysis they can run ad hoc analysis and reports.  The tool can visualize suspect networks graphically and identify associations not easily obvious to an investigator.  The tool can also munch through endless tweets and comments to extract meaning from text and find trends analytically.

ALI to help usher in the era of Predictive Policing

Information and analytical insights are now critical to fighting crime. Unfortunately, most law enforcement agencies are not benefiting from the analytic and data mining tools that can free them from being bogged down by data stored in disparate systems that are difficult to integrate access and interpret. The men and women that are at the front lines in protecting our communities deserve to have the most accurate, timely, complete, and advanced analytics easily accesses able to them from anywhere.

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