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Excel Visual Basic (VBA) and Macro Experts

We give you the greatest value of all, time.  We build and maintain application and legacy code using visual basic (VBA) in excel and integrating with other Office products such as PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Word.  We have deep expertise in advance Excel programming to increase the efficiency of your team by automating repetitive tasks with macros, vlookups, pivot tables, excel data model, and Visual Basic for application programming (VBA) to automate Analysis, Reporting, Integration with PowerPoint for presentations, Word for processing of documents and reports by inserting charts, tables, graphs, and Web APIs for data extraction integration and website and application automated updates.

We have deep expertise in developing VBA Applications/Tools in Excel. We will debug complex macros and VBA code, find errors in your sheets, track functions and give you insights into your application and integrate it or build it in the cloud.  Extract external data from APIs and web scraping.

We work in a wide variety of industries


Our consultants can save time with exporting information to Excel sheets and data entry using automated scripts. We can create customized spreadsheets and integrate Excel charts and data into PowerPoint and Word.


Our consultants code scripts, also known as macros, so that you can launch them at the click of a button without having to do any coding. We also develop databases that can help you maintain the integrity of your data and effortlessly export it for analysis.


Excel is a powerful tool for analyzing data to optimize your farmland allocations. We can create user-friendly spreadsheets specialized for recording yields by herd or field and use analysis to predict output under a variety of scenarios.


We use Visual Basic in Excel to help you rationalize spreadsheets, create bespoke applications for data analysis, and maintain data integrity while identifying undervalued assets and opportunities for returns on investment. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality when working with sensitive data and are happy to sign any non-disclosure agreements requested by your agency.


Our experts will help you maximize your time searching for new jobs and allow you to efficiently respond to clients and calculate invoices for your services.


We specialize in automating excel processes and creating custom programs that can save your clients time and money. Contact us for a free quote.


Excel is a powerful tool for timetabling classes and measuring the performance of students and staff. Our experts can manage your existing spreadsheets and streamline them for ease of use and data integrity so that you can track data in any way you need.


Our Excel specialists can help you build customized programs in Visual Basic to track trades and sort historic data for managing investment portfolios according to your specifications.

Please see below for some examples of VBA tools we have developed:

  1. Brokerage Statement Analysis Tool to automate analysis of stock trading data from online site
  2. House Loan Calculation
  3. Profit and Loss Calculator
  4. Daily Stock Checker
  5. Project Management Tool for Earned Value Measurement for cost, schedule, track milestones, and scope
  6. Excel Tool to create invoices in Word automatically
  7. Financial Tracking tools for invoices, expenses, bills, and customers
  8. Account and Store Management Tool for reporting and updating data in Database
  9. Pricing Quotes Tool
  10. Commission Calculation and Reporting Tool
  11. Claim Service Management System to auto fill forms and create PDFs as well as update Database
  12. Construction Estimation, Pricing, Allowance, Cost Code Selection, Tracking, Allowance, Baseline/Evaluation, and more
  13. Building Addition and renovation construction cost assessment
  14. Amazon FBA Model in Excel to add remove items and inventory updates
  15. Extrusion Quality Management tool to mange and control product quality of upto 8 products
  16. Clinical Trial Data Analysis tool with charts and tables
  17. Filtering Bad Emails
  18. Tweet compiling categorization Tool
  19. Data comparison Tool
  20. Excel to XML file creation tool
  21. Pharmacy Management System
  22. Television Show Ranking system to compile raw data
  23. Poker Game Analysis system

There are more features you could ever wanted.

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